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Ha HaThe Special at Centre:

[UPDATE] Kuresong Monastery Program schedule updated. Please download latest schedule from the links provided below.

Kuresong Monastery Program

Vajrapani Butadamara Peaceful Fire Puja 


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The Post Main Event rituals from 22 to 24 August cater for a wide variety of needs of our members and friends. These rituals are specially picked by our previous Resident Khenpo Dorjee who said that these are the necessary rituals that most people in our centre needed. He said with his past 2 years of experiences during consultations and astrological knowledge, a ‘parting gift’ to our Centre.Therefore we recommend all to attend these rituals for the blessings and benefit.

The upcoming main ritual is the Vajrapani Butadamara Fire Puja on auspicious fire day Friday 22 August. Vajrapani provides us all the blessings of protection during our practices and our daily activities.

White Mahakala Wealth Collection Ritual with Tsog Offering & a short Mahakala Puja + Recharge White Mahakala Wealth vase


White Mahakala Wealth Collection Puja on 23 August and Amitabha Puja on 24 August (this day is also our monthly regular Amitabha Chanting session at 1pm); these rituals provide general wealth from our very existence, and merit and wisdoms to our life, therefore the Puja organized for this program is very beneficial for all.

The Sur offering if possible will be done after each event. This is our centre dedication during this 7th month period to purify hungry ghost, spirit and bardo beings through smoke offering so that they can be blessed to a better rebirth.

Therefore we invite members, friends and everyone to participate in this program at our Centre’s Main Hall and receive blessings from these rituals and dedicate whatever merit accrued to all sentient beings and all the beloved deceased ones of the world so that they will not suffer the fruits of their past karma.


BD1Happy Birthday His Holiness!

- TARA PUJA with Khatag Offering to His Holiness Throne during Long life Prayer (STL Main Hall) 9:30-11:15am
- Long life Puja by Resident Lama during Tara Puja 9am
- Medicine Buddha Puja with Release of Life 1.00pm
- Shows on His Holiness and Kangso 3.00pm
- His Holiness’ Birthday reception with Serkym at 5.30pm

H.E. Ratna Vajra Sakya Rinpoche
Public Program 2014 


Ha Ha Monthly Medicine Buddha Puja

SakyaTenphelLingMedicineBuddhaPujaEvery First Sunday of the Month
Contribute towards the Monthly Medicine Buddha Puja – Contributions at any amount!
Please contribute with Office

SakyaTenphelLingAmitabhaChantingRegular sessions on every Last Sunday of the Month at Sakya Tenphel Ling
For inquiries contact us at 65-65813902. 

With the guidance from His Holiness and the relentless hard work and the traveling to Phodrang we finally incorporated a very well unified Amitabha Chanting that consist of the Mahayana aspect of both the the Amitabha Pureland Sutra Service and the 88 Buddhas’ Repentance Prayers of the Sutrayana in Chinese, and the Sakya’s Prayer for being reborn in Suhkavati in Tibetan.

On this joyful occasion His Holiness wrote two letters: one on the preface and the other on the benefit of this Chanting session to our Centre and members, which will be incorporated into the Text. We have attached the preface here for your reading.

Click here to view preface in english

May the Blessing of Buddha Amitabha be with you always!

Ha Ha Naga Puja 26th August (Tuesday)


Upcoming Naga Puja on 26th August 2014 (Tuesday)
To register and for inquiries please approach and contact Office 65-6581 3902

- Refer to schedules (monthly)
- TIME: starts 9am
- Contributions of any amount
- Boat trip @ $20 per person (please register early)
- Be 1 day vegetarian when attending the puja only
- Be 2 days vegetarian when going out for the boat trip.

To sign up for boat trip, register with office.

The Five Founders of the Sakya Order

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Big SmileSome HIGHLIGHTS :

What Is Fire Puja

Spiritual Services at Sakya Tenphel Ling 

Read more about the Singhanada Puja 

Special Write-up on Namthoesey Chhayang Wealth-Attracting Puja 

Special Write-up on Three Red Deity (Ritual of Kurukulle, Takkiraja and Ganapati in one mandala)

Holy Stupas for Sponsorship – Limited numbers. Please check with Office 65-65813902 for availability. Click here to download sponsorship form.

Special Write-up on Vajrakilaya: Click here to learn more about the importance of Vajrakilaya

Land Lease and Building Renewal – Giro Installment Plan

中文版《展延地契与建筑基金- 财路分期捐款计划》请点击此处

His Holiness the Sakya Trizin

What is Our Guru’s main concern …. 

What I see, the most urgent thing is the Land Lease Renewal in 10 years time…”

Although 10 years seem quite long to go, however, time flies. 20 years have already gone, now left the last remaining 10 years.

This Center has been established for quite some time, during which many great masters have bestowed empowerments and teachings. So many people actually benefited from it by listening, contemplating and meditating on the Dharma. It brings great benefits to many beings. Thanks to all, especially the Exco, volunteers, sponsors and everybody who help and contribute to this from beginning till now. 
“Mustn’t think that we still have time. Everyone must come forward to raise fund. Then when the time comes, we are ready.
According to my own experience, one will have a lot of tension if we do things at the last momentlike one could not study at the last hour  and this is difficult for all. Similarly, before things happen, we must prepare beforehand.   “
“Strong effort is necessary to be able to continue the Dharma activities, like puja, meditation etc, all Dharma activities over so many years. It is very important to continue and progress.”
“This is an urgent thing that I would like to remind and appeal to everyone…. to the Exco, all members and sponsors: don’t think that we still have a lot of time. Time flies, last minute work is very difficult. Now, everyone must come forward so that we can renew the Land Lease and continue with the Dharma activities.
Thank you. ”

How you can fulfill Guru’s wish?

Grow the seed … by committing a monthly installment through GIRO… straight from the     heart 

Total Funds needed 20,000 sf @ $500 sf, Total $10m.
We raised 2,800 sf . Target to raise 17,200 sf or $8.6m.

Growth Plan 1 1 sf / $500       20 installm/ $25 p mth

Growth Plan 2 2 sf / $1000     20 installm/ $50 p mth

Growth Plan 3 3 sf / $1500     20 installm/ $75 p mth

* Since it is contribution from the heart, we can tailor the installment # and $ to your wish and affordability. But due to administrative costs incurred, we would appeal for 10 months or longer, $30 & above.  Lump sum donation is welcomed.

Click here to download the Application form for Giro Installment payment.

For more information and registration, please contact our STL office, Tel: 65813902 Fax: 65813903 or email us at or view our facebook page

Seed planted over many years, seed has to grow to ripen the fruit…”by His Holiness The Sakya Trizin on 10 Jun 2012, Sakya Tenphel Ling in Singapore


All are welcome to participate. 欢迎所有信众参加。
*** All Program subject to last minute changes * 节目随时更新,敬请留意 

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