The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society (Sakya Tenphel Ling)


Building Renewal Funds

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Many of us recognized the preciousness of the teachings we have been receiving from our Guru and our centre plays a vital role in this. Our centre is not just a building. It is the focal point for Guru and disciples to assemble. A sacred place that make this assembly convenient for all of us. It is also an extremely blessed place as many rituals and teachings had taken place.

Just like the lay community of Sakyamuni Buddha's era who unreservedly donate land and building for the lay people to congregate and receive teachings; likewise we seek your help to ensure the existence of this beautiful centre in less than 30 years' time.   Our building is on a leasehold land. The current lease will expire in year 2043. We believe we need to be well prepared for the next renewal and we want to start preparation now. Just as little drips of water can bore a hole through rock, no contribution is too little for us.  If you believe in this worthy cause, you may choose a monthly contribute by Giro. Alternatively you can also donate as and when it is convenient for you.
The Building Renewal Fund is a restricted fund set aside for the renewal when existing lease expires, or the development of the building including the purchase of freehold properties in furtherance of the Society's aims and objects.  The money that you donated for this cause is specially set aside for this purpose.
For more information and registration, please contact our STL office, Tel: 65813902 Fax: 65813903 or email us at

Raising Lungta Flag

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Hanging prayer flag is very beneficial, and especially hanging the Lungta (windhorse – meaning powerful or strong horse) prayer flag will bring protection, victory and success, transforming misfortune to happiness.


Tara Shrine Sponsorship

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Tara is popular amongst Tibetan Buddhist as swift in answering prayers. Our resident lama conduct daily prayers and offerings to Tara. We offer you an opportunity to be a part of this daily ritual by becoming a shrine sponsor.

More importantly, your participation will help us defray operational cost. We are a non profit organisation and all our funds are used for Dharma propagation or charity.



Manjushri Shrine Sponsor

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Manjushri represents wisdom in Buddhism. Right decision in life requires wisdom. Besides enjoying the merit of sponsoring the shrine to Manjushri, our lama's daily Mahakala puja will also be dedicated to the Manjushri shrine sponsor.

More importantly, your participation will help us defray operational cost. We are a non profit organisation and all our funds are used for Dharma propagation or charity.


Stupa Adoption

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The stupa represents the presence of Buddha. Stupa is found in various counties graced by Buddhism. Many people had been inspired by its beautiful architecture and we have installed these beautiful stupa for your adoption. Your adoption is akin to building one.

More importantly, your participation will help us with future land lease renewal.
The number of stupa remaining for adoption is limited.


Sakya Trizin's Calligraphy

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Precious calligraphy from His Holiness Sakya Trizin. Each piece is unique and priceless.

More importantly, your contribution will be set aside for our future land lease renewal.


Vesak Annual Grand Sponsor

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Vesak is one of the most important day in Buddhism. Find out what it means to be a sponsor.


Offering of Robes to Buddha

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There are 4 chances for you to offer Robe to the Buddha each year


General Donation

Besides the above, you are welcomed to make general Donation of any sum to further the following cause;
  • Dana to Sangha
  • Dharma propagation
  • General expenses for temple maintenance and upkeep.

For donation by cheque, please issue your Cheque to "The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society"
alternatively, you may visit our centre and deposit your donation in any one of our conveniently placed donation boxes